AVIARY for alpine birds

mahore architekten and DI alfred brunnsteiner zt gmbh


phase: completion 2019
type: aviary for alpine birds
client: alpenzoo innsbruck-tirol
location: innsbruck
consultant: DI alfred brunnsteiner zt gmbh
model making: modellbau steck
photography: charly schwarz
architecture team: tim fahrner, andreas hörl, maria hinterer, philipp wisiol, christoph siegele, robert reichkendler

In Innsbruck, in the heart of the alps, mahore architekten designed one of the biggest walkable aviaries for alpine birds in central Europe. The column-free construction spanning more than 1000m2 enables an open space for both the birds and the visitors, and allows for a direct experience of these impressive animals.

Form the beginning, 3D Modelling an BIM where used in close collaboration with the constructional engineer to optimize construction and design. A forward leaning composite column in connection with a tension member works as the basic element of the construction. Combined with the constructional elements of the roof (as well a system under tensile stress) the canopy spans over 35m.

Thereby the visitors can walk around and experience Eurasian Griffons and Vultures flying through the site.