mahore architekten + dreiplus architekten
collaborators: DI Peter Holzmann, David Knapp, DI Stavroula Tsafou, DI Barbara Winklehner



The location of the building and its form offer a generous public „art space“ in Innsbruck. The existing trees remain untouched and the space between the Theater, Hofburg and Haus der Musik create an urban entity. Many events, depending on the time and season, are welcome to „art space“ due to its considerable extend and open character. Public exhibitions and open air concerts give a different note to the public space.




By stacking and twisting the floors, interesting cantilevers and covered spaces are generated. The main functions that need more space are placed in the centre of the building, creating the heart of it. All the public functions are enclosed in one unity in the fassade. This creates a lively appearance and a depth effect- the open public space migrates to the interior- the transition between exterior and interior is fluid.


The entire circulation is designed as part of the public space. The development of foyer to more levels creates appealing views, mirroring the interior to exterior and vice versa, but also making the building and its functions more clear.
Three additional staircases generate an efficient, internal connection, providing also escape routes for the main events.



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