zoe + hari

An existing apartment in Vienna …

Zoe + Hari are giving a face lift to the residence, defining new living quarters, being eye-catchers and separating elements at the same time. Lacquered wooden panels in combination with aluminium and steel cables as material base for the furniture.

The book-shelf „hari“ completes an existing slot of the interior room. The wall gets extended by different open and filled shelves giving the wall a new structure. The bottom shelves are laminated by aluminium patterns allowing the inhabitants to store wood for the fire place next door.

The shoe-shelf „zoe“ creates a semi-transparent, green separation between the entrance and living quarter of the apartment. The part facing the entrance offers storage for shoes. A seat at the side band and the planter in the lower level complete the furniture. Steel cables placed in different intervals define the green separative element and generate the frame for the climbing plants.







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