fashion house nagl


projektphase: current
projekttyp: fashion store / residential building
client: nagl und mode
location: st. johann im pongau
tim fahrner, andreas gruber, christiane harm, josef herzog, maria hinterer, andreas hörl, sabrina neuwirth, robert reichkendler


089_17 rendering_x_vordach

The fashion house is expanded by about 150m² in the east, as well as 50m² in the west. In the west a cafe will be established. It’s integratet into the existing shop area. The new facade transformed the building into an overall picture. Large openings in the cafe, as well as in the upper lounge area, offer visitors a beautiful view over the Salzach. There are also cutouts for advertisting space.






A structure is being build in the eastern part of the house. The existing shop area in the E00 and E01 will be expanded by 300m². In the E02 an aparrtment with 110m² will be build up. The folding corner is the entrence into the parking area.

089_17 SA_SW_x

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