projektphase: completed 2016
project type: residential building
client: pinzgauer haus bauprojektmanagment gmbh
location: saalfelden
tim fahrner, andreas hörl, robert reichkendler, raffael schwärzler, stavroula eleni tsafou
consultant: tb hasenauer, morokutti jahn, christoph hörl
model building: raffael Schwärzler

fotos: e-motion capturing – johannes pöllman



The chosen kind of development creates references to the surrounding area and defines a blending between the big volumes in the west of the site, and the small single-family homes in the east. The buildings appear to be even smaller through the circulation volume in the middle. The distance between the street and the buildings vary, in order to create open common spaces by displacing the buildings. With regard to creating freehold flats, every flat is southeast or southwest oriented and can also be designed with a view of the mountain „Steinernes Meer“. For cost reduction, a natural ventilated underground garage is designed. The open sides of garage are planned as a green wall.

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This ideal form of living space adapts to every living condition. The flexible system of the ground floors enables variations inside the flats without affecting the whole system. The wet areas are always situated directly at the staircases. Due to that, living spaces and rooms can be organised individually. From the design of single to family flats, the most diverse requirements of living spaces can be formed. The balconies that surround the volume, complete the whole concept and act as a climate buffer as well as an external living space.






The shape of the buildings allows double oriented flats with view in direction southeast/southwest and north. Throughout the southern side, the natural sunlight is optimized.


South oriented private gardens
+ additional west and east oriented balconies
Playground in the common space between the buildings.




Generous glass elements maximize the natural light and heating and simultaneously the sliding elements prevent from overheating in summer. A highly insulated facade with fibre cement elements in combination with a „Low Profile“ air distribution system and a compact design of the building lead to low running costs.




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