in collaboration with di thomas niederberger

The task to a expand an existing single family house into two separate living units was solved by a concept that is more than just a classical extension. The landscape is opened up and the new building is embedded into the slot. The remodeled landscape connects the existing and the new building, and allows the old and the new to keep their authentic characteristics. Moreover, a continuous junction to the surrounding landscape is created.

Inside, the existing single family house is reorganized into two separate living units. The newly built level and the ground-floor of the existing part represent one two storied apartment while another apartment is situated on the 2nd floor of the existing building.

The remodeled landscape generates additional benefits.  It´s both, a covering roof for the rooms below and a terrace with garden in front of the dwelling floor. Wide panoramic openings allow scenic views into the mountain landscape. An atrium in the roof which lightens up the spacious hallway with natural light creates a special atmosphere.











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