SZ natters

mahore + architekturbüro schafferer
collaborators: di stavroula tsafou, raffael schwärzler, tim fahrner, di ali koyun




The social centre in Natters/Mutters/Götzens consists of 2 volumes, which define the new square of the village. Although the two volumes express the separation of nursing from housing function, they still remain connected as a unity and consist the social centre. On the ground floor there is a multi-functional public zone with high flexibility, which contains a cafe, the foyer and gathering spaces oriented to the new square. The result is a coherent, generous area for meeting and communication between residents, visitors and the lively town center.

The square is split into 3 levels and connects smoothly the main street with the social centre. These levels are connected in the southwestern side through pedestrian and bicycle paths, ramps for invalid and sitting steps. Thus, a smooth transition is created with a direct connection between the square and the entrance of social centre. The square is designed as a multi-functional open area that can host different events, exhibitions and community gatherings. The access to the nursing home is associated with the daycare through the attached patio and the garden.






The common lounge area, which is overlooking the main square and the attached terrace, ensures a great view towards the village and a warm, cosy space for the winter. Additional terraces and loggias are orientated to the sports field in the southwestern part of the site. The rear walls of the kitchen and the common room are designed with bookshelves, sitting elements and closets – familiar elements for the residents. Proportions, dimensions and wooden elements create a warm atmosphere of being home.




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