mahore architekten + architekturbüro schafferer
collaborators: di stavroula tsafou, raffael schwärzler, tim fahrner, di ali koyun


Due to the simple, elongated shape along the sellraintal street, an obvious and functional building is created, maximizing the usable outdoors space. The stretched shape also defines the arrangement of the garages and their courtyards along the street. All the side rooms are situated right next to the garages, to ensure optimized and short connections.

That presence in the public space, along with the transparent garages and the operation base, creates the required identification as well as the sense of security. Expressing the image „we are ready, whenever you need us!“.

Due to the overhanging upper floor in the police station area, its own entrance is roofed and obviously distinguishable in the public space in front of the building. It also provides several covered parking lots for the needs of  the police station.




The emergence of an operation requires a smooth procedure of the traffic. A separate operation exit provides  a clear connection to the public street for the firefighters, the police and also the ambulance simultaneously. The main driveway entrance is located at the very south, and is overseen by the command area – same as the whole courtyard. Thereby, civil vehicles can never cross and disturb the operation vehicles in case of emergency. Furthermore, the main driveway can be used by all departments in less urgent cases.

The driveway around the building is designed large enough so that even the fire trucks can go all around the building. Entering vehicles can very flexible choosing their way either through the washing hall or directly into the garage.

The training area, which is situated at the back of the building, uses the tower for training needs and its big roofed area for several events, without preventing an operation.


The location of the main driveway was chosen in order to be able to create the left turning lane mostly unimpeded right after the roundabout and the operation exit. The chicane (around 90m) starts right after the operation exit. This leads to a smooth traffic routing of the existing street, as well as the obvious separation of the operation exit and the main driveway.

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