office mahore



phase: completion 2017
type: office adaptation
location: innsbruck
photos: charly schwarz
andreas hörl, robert reichkendler, maria hinterer, christiane harm, jonas dettler, sabrina neuwirth, tim fahrner, josef herzog. andreas gruber

mahore architects adapt an existing glazier workshop form the 60´s to their own office.

detail entrance

floor plan

The characteristic of the workshop is kept alive and becomes the key element of the design. The transformation into a modern architectural workshop is achieved by selective cuttings into the existing structure only. A room without natural daylight in the inside of the office is redesigned as a black box and is used as a kitchenette as well as a showroom. Reduced furnishing and lightening complete the design concept of the architectural workshop.



comparison before and after

white room

black box

black box

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