mahore architects [together with architektubüro schafferer] are realizing a new residential building in Schwaz


projektphase: current
projekttyp: housing
location: schwaz
architecttim fahrner, andreas hörl, stefanie hueber, robert reichkendler, michael schafferer, simona schett, 
die modellbauer





Next to the existing residential building, is build another complex with 18 apartments in Schwaz. The new complex expands the site. The underground car park in the E00 serves as a connection of the two systems.

084_16 _E_mappe_hybrid_x-1


Optionally, the southern garden area can be extended to the roof of the park deck and serve as an attractive outdoor area. The bevelled west edge in the upper floors ensures an optimum of the ground area in relation to the minimum of legal distance. The ground floor area is exclusively reserved for the parking deck and adjoining room, like cellar and also space for bicycles and buggys. The apartments in the upper levels are accessed via a central staircase.


092_17 AS


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