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projektphase: competition
project type: office building
client: e-business solution
location: sistrans
architecture: tim fahrner, andreas gruber, josef herzog, christiane harm, andreas hörl, sabrina neuwirth, robert reichkendler



The two office buildings are integrated into the landscape and make use of the topography. At the same time, they refer to the already existing building and adapt the roof structure to create a unitary area. The boundaries between exterior and interior become blurred due to the open ground-plan design. This creates a comfortable work atmosphere within both, the office and communication areas of the building.

091_17 VE_Perspektive_x - Kopie

Around 70 to 80 new and highly qualified working places as well as apartments for employees in the upper level develop as a result of this project. The used wooden construction provides a low-cost solution due to its high level of pre-fabrication and also a modularly flexible ground-plan design. There will be a creative area on the ground floor that serves as central meeting point for the employees. It can be used for meetings, trainings or simply to gather energy during lunch break.





The room climate is continously controlled by sun protected elelements. Thanks innovative building technology with gentle cooling and low air speed the climate is always comfortable.

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